Bringing University Desktop Computers Back on Campus

Any desktop computer that was taken off the University network for remote use for an extended duration must be reformatted and re-imaged before it can be reconnected to the University network. This does not apply to mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, or other systems that have been previously configured by an OIT or Distributed IT support person to be secure in a home or mobile environment.

OIT is working in partnership with Distributed IT support staff to accomplish this task. If Distributed IT exists in your department they, while following OIT's intake process outlined below, will complete the reformatting and re-imaging process.

Data Backup

Your data is important and, therefore, must be backed up prior to the computer returning to campus. An OIT or Distributed IT support person can schedule a remote session to copy any data stored on your remote desktop computer to your Office 365 OneDrive. This critical step will enable you to access your data while the returning computer is being reformatted and re-imaged.


The general process is below and will be utilized by both OIT and Distributed IT. Depending on the number of PCs returning to campus at any given time, this process could take several days or more.

For basic business continuity until your office PC is ready you can use for email, office applications, and access to your data on OneDrive.  Also is still the preferred means to access campus central storage, OnBase, and other network-restricted services.

  1. Fill out the following service request form. The TeamDynamix ticket created from the form will be used by both OIT and Distributed IT to communicate with you throughout the reformatting and re-imaging process. Please have the following information available:
    • Computer info: Make, Model, and Serial Number or Service Tag (For information on how to find your computers Serial Number or Service Tag please see our Computer Information Section)
    • Office Location
    • Distributed IT person (if applicable)
    • Are there any special applications/software or data on the computer

Return Office PC To Campus Request

  1. All data is backed up prior to intake via remote session with an OIT or Distributed IT support person.
  2. OIT will contact you to schedule an appointment to drop off the sanitized PC to a designated location at the Knowledge Center.
  3. OIT/Distributed IT reformats and re-images the computer. Only applications with current, valid installers and licensing can be reloaded. You will be notified of any applications that could not be reloaded.
  4. OIT/Distributed IT schedules delivery of the sanitized computer to your office.
  5. OIT/Distributed IT verifies computer is working properly on the University network and printing to your department’s campus network printer.

A separate service request is required for any supplemental work.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding bringing your office desktop computer back on campus please contact the OIT Support Center.
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