NetID Support

The NetID (Network Identification) is a unique username that is automatically generated for all current students, faculty and staff of the University of Nevada, Reno. You must activate your NetID when you first arrive at the University, and then reset the password at least once a year afterwards.

Requesting a Guest NetID? Go to the Guest Access Services category of the service catalog for more information.

NetID Self-Service

Access the Identity Portal

The Office of Information Technology provides a NetID self-service tool called the Identity Portal at The Identity Portal is available to anyone who has an active NetID or a NetID that is ready for activation. Using the tool you can activate your NetID, reset your password, and enroll in password self-help from a web browser. When troubleshooting NetID issues that may be occurring on other campus systems, logging into the Identity Portal also serves as a reliable way to test whether your NetID and password are working.

NetID Support

Knowledge Base Articles

Browse the NetID category of the Knowledge Base to find self-help articles and answers to common questions.

Submit a Ticket

Submitting a ticket requires authentication with your NetID and password.

  • If you need NetID assistance and your NetID and password are working, you may click the Request Help button above to submit a ticket or contact the OIT Support Center
  • If you need NetID assistance and your NetID and password are not working, contact the OIT Support Center for assistance. 


The NetID is provided to all affiliated members of the University at no charge.

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