Activating Your NetID

Your NetID is automatically generated once you become affiliated with the University, but must be activated before use.

I'm a new employee and/or student. When can I activate my NetID?

New Employee NetID Activation

The time between getting hired (all paperwork submitted) and the generation of your NetID is typically one business week. At this point your NetID will be ready for activation. However, there are many circumstances where the process could take significantly longer. If your NetID is still not ready for activation after one business week, you may contact the OIT Support Center for information. 

New Student NetID Activation

After you have accepted your admission in MyNEVADA and your status changes from Applicant to Student you will receive an email communication when your NetID is ready to activate.  

How to Activate Your NetID

To activate your NetID, please go to the Identity Portal, select Activate my NetID, and follow the instructions. To begin the process, you will need to know one of the following pieces of information.

  • Your NSHE ID Number, which is received during the application acceptance and class registration process.
  • Your Employee ID Number. (Which can be found in Workday)
    • In order for the system to properly process your Employee ID number, it must be entered with the formatting e000123456, this identifies you as an employee rather than a student.

During the activation process, you will be asked to create a password. You will use this password anytime you use your NetID username.

Once the activation process is completed, you will be given your NetID username. Once you receive your NetID username, you will be able to use it immediately on most University systems. Once complete, it is recommended that you immediately enroll in NetID Self-Help.

Some University Tools, such as WebCampus, may experience a short delay before you are able to log in. If you are unable to log in 24 hours after activation, please contact the OIT Support Center.

Common Activation Issues

  • Error "You have already activated your NetID": Your NetID is active. You may have forgotten that you activated it, or you have a previous role with the University as student or staff. Please contact the OIT Support Center if you are unable to remember your NetID and/or password. 
  • Error "The information you entered did not match what we have in the system. Please check that you have entered everything correctly": Double-check that you are entering your NSHE ID using all 10 digits (including any preceding zeros). If you are using an employee ID, it must start with E (E000XXXXXX). If you are still unable to activate, contact the OIT Support Center to confirm that your NetID has been generated and that the NSHE ID or Employee ID matches the information on file. 
  • Error "We did not find your record in our system"; Same as above. Confirm you are using the correct format for the NSHE ID or Employee ID number. 

Enrolling in Password Self-Help

Future password resets are made easier if you have enrolled in NetID self-help after activating your NetID. Please refer to the instructions for enrolling in self-help.



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