Registration Steps for Your Computer

Activate NetID

Before you can register your computer, you need an active NetID. Please refer to our NetID Activation page for information on activating your NetID if you have not already done so.

Preparing Your Computer for Registration 

  1. Get an Ethernet cable to connect to the network port provided in your dorm room. 
    • Do not use a phone wire. Ethernet cables have a rectangular-shaped plug. Phone lines have a square shaped plug. 
    • Avoid excessive lengths of cable (e.g. keep the cable under 20 feet to minimize electronic interference
  2. Review our information on Safe Computing. Computers found to be insecure or out of compliance with connection policies will be blocked from network access until the issues are resolved. 
  3. Configure the following operating system to connect to the ResHall Network:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 11
    • Mac
    • Linux

Register Your Computer 

  1. To initiate a connection, plug the computer into the Ethernet port in your dorm room and open a web browser. Your browser should redirect you automatically to the registration portal. If the redirect fails, you may select the link here to manually navigate to the Registration site. On this page, sign in using your NetID. You may also use this site on wireless to register other devices for use on the ResHall wired network or for the UNR-IOT wireless network.

    Portal Connect ResHall Login page showing to login with NetID and Password
  2. After successfully login in, you should be on the Create Device page. If you are accessing the portal from the computer you wish to register, the form should automatically be populated with your device’s wired MAC address. Otherwise, enter all required fields on the form including the mac address, the device name, the device expiration time and set the account role to Residence Hall Wired. For information on how to find your device's MAC address please see our Computer Information page. 

    Create New device page showing input field for Account role selected as Residence Hall Wired.
  3. Please read the University’s acceptable computer use policies. All connections to the University network are governed by these policies. You must read the policies completely and agree to the conditions before proceeding. 

    Create New Device page with a blue box highlighting the Terms of Use section

    If you agree to the policies and terms of access, select the check box indicating that agreement and finally click Create to complete the device registration.

If you are completing the registration process on the device which required registration, please unplug and plug back in to reauthenticate your host. If you are registering a separate device from a previously registered host or from wireless, you may skip this step.

View Previously Registered Devices

You may view previously registered devices from the Registration Portal. Select the Manage Devices link on the left side of the page. From this page, you may verify the number of devices registered under your NetID. You can also verify whether a device’s access to the network has expired. 

Registration portal with the Manage Device link on the left side of the page highlighted by a blue box.


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