Connecting to Virtual Desktops - Apple Mobile Devices (iOS)

The Remote Desktop Mobile Application can be used to access the University of Nevada Virtual Desktops, a virtual environment that can be used to access University licensed software and generic Windows desktops.

Connect to the VPN

NOTE: If you are currently connected to the University wireless (eduroam) or wired network you DO NOT need to connect to the VPN prior to connecting to any remote resources.

For increased security all remote connections require you to connect to the university VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer prior to initiating any remote connections.

How to Connect Via the Remote Desktop Application

  1. Search for and download the Remote Desktop Mobile App from the Microsoft Corporation on the App Store. 
  2. Open the application and click on the + button at the top of the window and select Add Workspace
    Remote Desktop Mobile window with the "+" and "Add Workspace" buttons highlighted by a red box
  3. In the Add Workspace window that appears, enter your UNR email address.
    Workspace section filled out in the form
    • If you have an email address you can enter that instead.
  4. The Add Workspace window will expand.  Click on the drop-down menu next to User Account and select Add User Account...
    User Account window with the Add User Account option highlighted by a red box
  5. In the Add User Account window that appears, enter in the following information:

    User Name: Your NetID in the form of unr\netid
    Password: Your NetID password

    Click Save.
    Add User Account Window with the Username and Password highlighted by red arrows and the Save button highlighted by a red box.
  6. You will now see a list of available software and remote desktops. Clicking on any software title in the list will launch the software. When connecting to specific Virtual Desktops in this list you may be prompted to enter your user account and password again. When entering your Username please enter your NetID in the same form of unr\netid to connect.


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