Articles about using the Mailman mailing list system as an owner, moderator, and/or subscriber.

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Mailing List Management

Management of mailing lists are separated into 3 categories: Subscriber actions, Moderator actions, and Owner actions.

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Pinned Article Campus Announcements

Information about receiving campus announcements via automatic mailing lists such as unrfacstaff, undergrads, police_announce, and more.

Creating a Mailing List

Benefits of using the Mailman mailing list system and how to request a new list.

Logging Into the Mailman System

Steps to access the Mailman system

Subscribing/Unsubscribing from Mailing Lists

How to subscribe to and unsubscribe from a Mailman mailing list.

Mailman Listserv Troubleshooting

Common troubleshooting steps for errors in the Mailman system.