Requests for NevadaBox cloud storage.

Services (6)

NevadaBox Support

Get assistance with an individual NevadaBox account or connect to self-help resources.

NevadaBox Quota Increase

Request an increase in the storage size of a NevadaBox account.

NevadaBox PHI Storage Support

Get assistance with HIPAA-compliant storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) in NevadaBox.

Group or Organization NevadaBox Request

Submit to request a new Group and Organization NevadaBox account or to change an existing account.

Group or Organization NevadaBox Support

Get assistance with a Group or Organization NevadaBox account.

Authorized Employee Data Release Request

Request access to a current or former employee's data files for business continuity or sensitive matters. Requires prior authorization from the Office of the President.