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Can't find what you're looking for? Use this service if you are a current faculty, staff, or student and are unable to locate a service in the catalog for your request or issue.

The Office of Information Technology Service Catalog has moved!

The general submission form for Workday requests. This may include issues, information not found in the Knowledge Base, and one-on-one assistance.

Use this form to request a change in Finance security, request new Finance security or to remove Finance security. Upon submission, this request routes to the requestor's supervisor for approval, then to the Fiscal Officer for approval.

This service is used by all institutions to request on demand payments.

Request access to PeopleSoft.

Use this form to request a new Supervisory Organization

Use this form to request a new Program, Project or Gift (Foundation only) in Workday.  Once approved by the Controller's Office, a request will be initiated with NSHE for creation in Workday. Please allow 7-10 business days for creation of the new account.

Request access to WolfDocs (OnBase).

Obtain approval to teach a course on overload. Most often used by 12-month A contract Faculty but may also be used by Classified staff. Current supervisor approval is required. Dean approval in the teaching department will occur when the approval is attached to a Period Activity Pay in Workday.

*Updated Service Request* Submit requests for new Administrative Faculty positions, job description updates, or promotions. Job description updates can include title changes, revised duties and/or minimum requirement changes. Promotion requests through lines of progression, to existing job descriptions or by position re-evaluation pursuant to UAM 2,515 will also be submitted on this form.

The UAIT General Support Request Form should be used for any questions, issues, or requests that do not fall into any other UAIT form category.

Use this form to request a change to an existing detail worktag in Workday.  This includes in-activations and worktag name changes. 

This form is not to be used to change security.   To request a change to the Worktag Manager or Owner please use the Workday Finance Security Request form.  

This request cannot be used to make changes to Gift or Grant worktags.  To request a change to a Gift worktag, contact the Foundation. To request a change to a Grant worktag, contact Office of Sponsored Projects.

Submit HR-19s (State of Nevada Position Questionnaire) for filled, vacant, or new classified positions to the job evaluation unit.

Use this form to request a change in HR security roles, request a new HR security role, or to remove an HR security role.

Request access to SQL Server.

Request access to Oracle.

Request Access for DocuSign

Submit requests for exception to degree requirements, Letter of Appointment with PEBP benefits (50% to 80% FTE) over 24 months, and proposed salary above Q2 on the applicable salary schedule.

Submit requests to propose compensation for a candidate through the recruitment process at a salary above Q2 on the salary schedule.

Use this form to request that a new Activity worktag be created in Workday.

Request access to Navigate (SSC).

Request access to WolfCard ID Program. Card Office use only.

This form is for all UA bulk mail and mass email requests.