University Advancement

Services (8)

UA Cloverflex Device Reservation Form

Reserve a Cloverflex device using this form.

UA Database Request

UA IT Internal form for database requests

UA Giving Form (Anthology)

This form is for any request regarding online donation/membership/event registration forms. This form is used for both new requests and edits to existing products.

UA IT General Support Request

The UAIT General Support Request Form should be used for any questions, issues, or requests that do not fall into any other UAIT form category.

UA Mail and/or Email Request

This form is for all UA bulk mail and mass email requests.

UA Project Request

The General Project request form is to be used for any new project requests. Examples of project include new application and/or software, new business process automation, etc.

UA Report Request

Reports usually include those from Report Services or Raiser’s Edge. The requests can be for information, recurring automated mailings, changes to existing newsletters (such as changing the recipients), query requests, solicitations, or ad hoc data extracts. These requests are usually internal and can be recurring.

UAIT GL Distributions Form

This form is used for requesting GL distributions in Raiser's Edge.