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Navigate to request funding for events, operations, and other things for your club.

*Updated Service Request* Submit requests for new Administrative Faculty positions, job description updates, or promotions. Job description updates can include title changes, revised duties and/or minimum requirement changes. Promotion requests through lines of progression, to existing job descriptions or by position re-evaluation pursuant to UAM 2,515 will also be submitted on this form.

Request access to Anaplan.

Request access to Astra.

Request access to the Identity Portal. This service is for technicians only.

Request access to Watermark.

Can't find what you're looking for? Use this service if you are a current faculty, staff, or student and are unable to locate a service in the catalog for your request or issue.

Issues and requests for off-campus access to SSH jumphosts.

Request access to StarRez.

Issues and requests for off-campus access to SSH jumphosts.

Request for a reservation of a computer lab for a class or event.

Request access to WolfDocs (OnBase).

Request access to Oracle.

Request access to Power BI.

Request access to PeopleSoft.

Request access to Slate.

Issues and requests related to remote Linux desktop instances for CSE courses available at

Obtain approval to teach a course on overload. Most often used by 12-month A contract Faculty but may also be used by Classified staff. Current supervisor approval is required. Dean approval in the teaching department will occur when the approval is attached to a Period Activity Pay in Workday.

Use this form to request a change in Finance security, request new Finance security or to remove Finance security. Upon submission, this request routes to the requestor's supervisor for approval, then to the Fiscal Officer for approval.

Submit a new service to create an NSHE Payroll Services Help Ticket. After you submit your information, you will be notified that your Request was created Successfully!

Use this form to request a new Workday report or change an existing report