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How to set up a new club on campus

Can't find what you're looking for? Use this service if you are a current faculty, staff, or student and are unable to locate a service in the catalog for your request or issue.

Request for assistance with any other CSE account-related issues.

Issues and requests for off-campus access to CSE servers via SSH, using the alpine jumphost.

Request for assistance with login issues or account-related problems, such as password resets, account lockouts, or access issues.

Request for creating new user accounts for staff in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Issues and requests for access to remote storage solutions, including research storage or departmental network-based storage.

Issues and requests for remote access to an on campus machine, including desktop access and file transfers.

Issues and requests for off-campus access to SSH jumphosts.

Request access to PeopleSoft.

Request for interest free loans of up to $2,000 for the purchase of personal computer systems, subject to the availability of funds, are available to faculty and classified employees who have worked in a permanent position for the university for one year, and have an FTE of at least half-time.

Request to set up a new survey in Canvas.

Request for assistance with issues related to the Canvas learning management system, such as login issues, technical problems, or other system-related errors.

Volunteer Form for Pack Provisions

Request access to WiQ Res Life.

*Updated Service Request* Submit requests for new Administrative Faculty positions, job description updates, or promotions. Job description updates can include title changes, revised duties and/or minimum requirement changes. Promotion requests through lines of progression, to existing job descriptions or by position re-evaluation pursuant to UAM 2,515 will also be submitted on this form.

Issues and requests related to remote Linux desktop instances for CSE courses available at

Issues and requests related to the ECC remote desktop (Windows) available at and

Request for an extension of a current job on the College Cluster HPC system, allowing for additional time to complete calculations or data analysis.

Request for assistance with any issues related to the College Cluster HPC system, such as software errors, connectivity issues, or hardware failures.

Request for the installation of software on the College Cluster HPC system, including software dependencies and libraries.

Request for assistance with onboarding users onto the College Cluster HPC system, such as creating a new account, setting up SSH keys, or getting access to specific resources.

Request for assistance with account and login issues in a computer lab.

Request for assistance with a non-hardware related issue in a computer lab, such as lighting, temperature control, or furniture.

Request for assistance with printing issues in a computer lab, such as paper jams, connectivity issues, or printing errors.