My Recently Visited Services

Obtain approval to teach a course on overload. Most often used by 12-month A contract Faculty but may also be used by Classified staff. Current supervisor approval is required. Dean approval in the teaching department will occur when the approval is attached to a Period Activity Pay in Workday.

Request access to the Identity Portal. This service is for technicians only.

Request access to Anaplan.

Request access to Navigate (SSC).

The Office of Information Technology Service Catalog has moved!

Request access to Slate.

This form is for incoming freshman for an upcoming term. This form is NOT for current students in attendance that are wishing to change a previously declared major.

Used to process requests to add a new user to the ES ticketing groups

Request access to OneLookup Application and Reports.

Request access to Astra.

This form is for all UA bulk mail and mass email requests.

This form is for any request regarding online donation/membership/event registration forms. This form is used for both new requests and edits to existing products.

The UAIT General Support Request Form should be used for any questions, issues, or requests that do not fall into any other UAIT form category.

Request access to Power BI.

The general submission form for Workday requests. This may include issues, information not found in the Knowledge Base, and one-on-one assistance.

Use this form to request a change in Finance security, request new Finance security or to remove Finance security. Upon submission, this request routes to the requestor's supervisor for approval, then to the Fiscal Officer for approval.

Students who wish to remove a major, minor or certificate program should use this form.

Help! I don't know how to work this room, or EVERYTHING has changed in here since the last time I taught in here and I need to know how to make it go now!

Request access to PeopleSoft.

Volunteer For Pack Provisions

Request access to StarRez.

This service is used by all institutions to request on demand payments.

The General Project request form is to be used for any new project requests. Examples of project include new application and/or software, new business process automation, etc.