NevadaBox is a cloud-based storage solution for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Nevada, Reno. This storage solution is intended to be for University-related work only. Files on NevadaBox can be easily shared with collaborators who also have Box account.

Categories (3)

File and Folder Basics

Instructions for uploading, deleting, and organizing files.

Sharing Files

Learn how to share files using Collaboration and Shared Links to users both within and outside the University.

Box Apps

Box comes with a series of applications that allow you to access your NevadaBox account from many different devices.

Articles (4)

NevadaBox Overview and Login Steps

Benefits, access requirements, and steps to logging in. NOTE: Students must have a student email account in order to access NevadaBox.

Adding an Email Alias to Your NevadaBox Account

Learn about your primary email address and how to add an email alias.

Group and Organization Accounts

Special accounts are available for collaboration groups, departments, and organizations.

NevadaBox Policies and Terms of Service

Policies and procedures, allowed data types, and terms of service.