College of Engineering IT

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Hardware Issues & Requests

Physical hardware devices such as computers, printers, and other peripherals. If you are experiencing issues with your computer or other hardware, or need to request a new device or hardware upgrade, please select this category.

Software Issues & Requests

Software installation, licensing, and administration, as well as software-related issues such as crashes and errors. If you are experiencing issues with software on your computer or need assistance with installing or licensing software, please select this category.

Computer Labs & Reservations

Issues related to CoEN and ECC computer labs, including scheduling, user access and accounts, and printing. If you require assistance with using or managing computer labs, or are experiencing issues with lab equipment or services, please select this category.

College Cluster & Research Servers

Issues related to the College Cluster HPC environment (and other research servers) including user onboarding, software installation, job management, and technical issues. If you require assistance with using the College Cluster or have technical issues related to a HPC system, please select this category.

Remote Access and Services

Issues related to remote access to systems and services, including remote desktop access, virtual machines, and cloud-based storage and services. If you require assistance with remote access to systems or services, or are experiencing issues with remote access tools, please select this category.

User Accounts

Issues related to user accounts, authentication, and access rights. Examples of issues in this category include password resets, account lockouts, permission requests, and account provisioning for new users. If you are unable to access a particular system or service due to account-related issues, please select this category to receive assistance from the appropriate team.

CoEN Canvas Courses & Survey Requests

Issues related to Canvas courses and surveys offered by the College of Engineering. If you require assistance with accessing or using Canvas courses or surveys, or are experiencing technical issues with the platform, please select this category.

Services (1)


Request for immediate assistance related to in-person class issues, such as a hardware failure or software issue that is preventing a class from taking place. This request should only be used in urgent situations that require immediate attention.