Microsoft SharePoint is an online collaboration tool ideal for departments who need to centralize lists, documents, and discussions in one place, and limit the access given to those items. It is commonly used at the University for Project Management, resource lists, and a central place to store employee's leave records.

Most departments on campus already have a dedicated SharePoint site. However, any SharePoint space can be created and managed for more specific groups if necessary. SharePoint has been set up to allow departments to manage access themselves, although a dedicated Systems Administrator is available if necessary.

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SharePoint Site Owners

All SharePoint sites have an "Owner" that is a member of the department the site relates to. This allows each department to be self-sufficient about assigning permissions and creating new content.

The administration resources are intended to guide site owners through the most common functions (creating new sites and assigning permissions). However, if you have any issues with your SharePoint site, contact the OIT Support Center.

Who is the Owner of My SharePoint site?
The "Owner" of your department SharePoint site is the department admin assistant. If it isn't them, they will usually know who it is. However, if that is not the case, please contact the OIT Support Center to retrieve that information.

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