A collection of Knowledge Base articles and instructions pertaining to Microsoft Outlook.

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Configuring Your Email Client

Whether you're using Outlook on a PC, Mac, or mobile device, we've got the steps you need to set up and access your employee email on many email clients.

Help with Common Tasks

Answers to common support questions regarding your employee email account.

Shared Mailboxes

A shared mailbox is a mailbox with a unique email address that multiple employees can access. Emails sent to the email address will arrive in its Inbox, and emails can also be sent from the shared mailbox address. Like an employee's mailbox, a shared mailbox has folders for Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc.

If you have been granted access to a shared mailbox, please wait one hour, then close and restart your Outlook client. If the mailbox still does not appear in your Folder pane in Outlook after restarting, it can be added manually via the methods in this section.

Spam, Phishing, and Blacklists

Learn how to identify and protect yourself from spam and phishing attempts.