School of Medicine

A collection of service offerings that are specific to, or commonly requested by, the School of Medicine.

Services (13)

Med Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Request access to multiple IT resources for new School of Medicine employees, or expedite the removal of access for terminating employees. Please refer to the "UNR Employee Onboarding Checklist" service for all other onboarding requests.

New Email Alias

Requesting a separate email alias for University business.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Request support for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Centricity Practice Solution (CPS), Centricity Business (CB), and Kryptiq.

NevadaBox PHI Storage Support

Get assistance with HIPAA-compliant storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) in NevadaBox.

Department NAS Access

Add a user to department or medstorage NAS drives and folders.

Add a Network-Ready Printer to the Server

Add a printer to the UNR print server. Use this form for network-enabled printers that will be used by multiple computers.

Access a Virtual Desktop Collection

Request access to a virtual desktop, such as DataWorks, the College of Business desktop, the Engineering desktop, Med RDS, and others. Access for a specific course is granted for the duration of the semester. Other student access is granted for the duration of the calendar year.

Microsoft SharePoint Support

Get assistance with a Microsoft SharePoint site or connect to self-help resources.

Remove Department NAS Access

Remove a user from department NAS drives and folders.

Charter Spectrum Phone/Fax Line Incident (UNR Med Only)

Support for UNR Med users with performance issues on a Charter Spectrum phone or fax line. Performance issues include interference, reception issues, static/clicking/echoing, etc.

UNR Med A/V Support

Get technical support for audiovisual needs for Med conference rooms, classrooms, telemedicine, and more.

URL Filter Exception Request (UNR Med Only)

Request to have a URL allowed through the School of Medicine firewall.

UNR Med Data Request

Submit a data request to the School of Medicine.