Service requests for University employee email accounts.

Services (9)

New Employee Email Activation

How to activate your employee email account.

Email Client Setup Assistance

Request assistance adding your employee email account to Outlook, Thunderbird, an iOS device, or an Android device.

Report an Employee Email or Calendar Issue

Report a technical issue with your employee email account or calendar.

New Email Alias

Requesting a separate email alias for University business.

Add Sender to Spam Filter Allow List

Add a sender to the University's spam allow list.

Sending Email Authentication Setup Request

This service will enable the setup of email authentication for services and users that use the domain, sub-domains, and affiliated domains (, for sending mail. This is possible through proper DKIM and SPF setup.

Authorized Employee Data Release Request

Request access to a current or former employee's data files for business continuity or sensitive matters. Requires prior authorization from the Office of the President.

SMTP Relay Connection Request

Submit a request to establish an SMTP relay connection.

External Email Banner Exception Request

Request an exception that removes the external email banner from a third party sender.