Answers to common support questions regarding your employee email account.

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Archiving Your Emails

When the University migrated employee email addresses over to Office 365, user's saw a substantial increase (from 2 - 4GB to 100 GB) in the storage capacity of their email accounts. With this increase in storage space, the need to create email archives in greatly reduced. It is also important to note that you will not be able to access any emails you archive from the online Office 365 mail portal.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should create an email archive, please contact the OIT Support Center.

Accessing Public Folders

Public folders are one option for a group of users to access one inbox for a department email address. They also allow for users to send an email from the public folder's email address.

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Automatically Accept Meeting Invitations

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Creating Inbox Rules

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Encrypting Your Email

Follow these steps if you have received a 'Message Undeliverable' error, or want to proactively secure the contents of your email.

Setting an Out of Office Reply

Set an automatic reply to others know you are out of the office.

Recovering Deleted Items

Retrieve a permanently deleted item stored on the Office 365 mail server.

Setting the Online Global Address List as Default

If you are having issues sharing your calendar or granting delegate access to your account, follow these instructions to change the default Global Address List.

Turning Off Cached Exchange Mode

Improve the overall performance and search functions in Outlook by turning off the Cached Exchange Mode.