Simple troubleshooting steps for computing and browsing issues.

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Clearing the Cache

Every time you visit a website, or download something from the internet, your computer starts to collect files and settings that may later cause performance issues, or cause the browser to produce errors. Learning how to perform basic tasks in maintaining your browser can really help to speed it up, and increasing the reliability of your web browsing.

Clearing the Cache
One of the most common and effective ways to troubleshoot your internet browser is to clear the cache, or temporary data that is stored inside the program. Clearing the Cache is often the first step an OIT Technician will take if you are having difficulties accessing a particular website. Each browser has a different way of completing this task.

Removing Saved Passwords

Old or incorrect passwords saved to browsers can be the cause of many password login issues. The following are instructions on how to remove a saved password to prevent it from auto filling on your browser.

Warranty Information

The majority of computers on campus are made either by Dell, HP, or Apple. These three manufacturers provide simple ways to check your warranty status online. Additionally, the Dell support site can inform you if your computer is owned by the University or not.

It is extremely difficult logistically to provide warranty information for all makes and models of computers. Please contact the manufacturer directly for the warranty information on any other type of computer.

OIT will support most makes of UNR-owned computer equipment.

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