Service requests for office phones, University cell phones, voicemail, long distance, and more.

Services (12)

Report Office Phone Issue

Report a technical issue with your office phone.

Report a Broken Physical Phone

Report a broken physical phone set.

New Office Phone and Number Request

Request a new office phone and/or phone line.

Change Owner of Phone

Request ownership change of a phone line.

Phone Move

Request relocation of a phone and phone line.

New Long Distance Access Code (LDAC)

Request a new long distance access code (LDAC) for an employee.

Telecom Pricing Request

Request rates for Telecom services.

Conference Call

Request a conference call for more than three (3) participants.

Business Cell Phone Support

Get assistance with a University-owned cell phone or data plan.

Voicemail PIN Reset

Request a voicemail PIN reset.

Charter Spectrum Phone/Fax Line Incident (UNR Med Only)

Support for UNR Med users with performance issues on a Charter Spectrum phone or fax line. Performance issues include interference, reception issues, static/clicking/echoing, etc.

Other Office Phone Request

Request other office phone service.