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1. Report a Technology Problem

Choose this option in a classroom or TLT supported area if something is not working as anticipated or previously experienced. Additional options will be available after requesting this service. Please report Facilities issues (temperature, clock, seating, lighting, etc.) to Facilities by following this link:

2. Webinar, Video Conference (Zoom or Skype) Support Request

This is where academic webinar and video conference help with Classroom Technology support can be requested. We assist with conferencing equipment (in some cases, based on availability and use case), Webinar's (academic, in general), or Zoom conferences, with or without hardware support.

3. Software Installation

Click this link if you are teaching in a specific room and need to have software installed that is outside of what is normally installed on classroom PC's.

4. Room Training

Help! I don't know how to work this room, or EVERYTHING has changed in here since the last time I taught in here and I need to know how to make it go now!

5. Add or alter technology in an existing or new space

Use this option if you manage or are responsible for a classroom space and would like Classroom Services help adding, updating or improving the technology and/or usability of the space. This can include digital signage, conference rooms or new or existing classroom space. Some requests require Departmental or FMS's and/or budget approval and consultation.


Academic or Administrative Faculty - Request for Equity Review

Submit requests for ad hoc market equity reviews for Administrative and Academic Faculty.

Add a TeamDynamix Technician

Used to process requests to add a new user to the ES ticketing groups

Add or Remove a Technician from a Group

Add or remove a currently licensed technician from a ticketing group in TeamDynamix.

Add/Remove a User From TalkDesk

Add/Remove Item Records

Administrative Faculty - Above Q2 Request

Submit requests to propose compensation for a candidate through the recruitment process at a salary above Q2 on the salary schedule.

Administrative Faculty - New Position or Revised Job Description Request

Submit requests for new Administrative Faculty positions or updates (without salary changes) for filled and vacant Administrative Faculty positions such as title changes, revised duties or minimum requirement changes.  Continue to use the Administrative Faculty Job Description Form in your submission.

Administrative Faculty - Promotion Request

Submit requests for Administrative Faculty promotions through lines of progression, to existing job descriptions, or by position re-evaluation pursuant to UAM 2,515.

Administrative Faculty - Temporary Salary Adjustments

Submit requests for temporary salary adjustments of Administrative Faculty pursuant to UAM 2,516.

Anaplan Access

Request access to Anaplan.

Astra Access

Request access to Astra.


Business and Finance OnBase Support

Use this service to request assistance with any of Business and Finance's OnBase applications.


Classified Staff - Position Description Questionnaire [HR-19]

Submit HR-19s (State of Nevada Position Questionnaire) for filled, vacant, or new classified positions to the job evaluation unit.

Classified Staff - Request to Accelerate Salary [HR-04]

Adjustment of steps within same pay grade per NAC 284.204 for recruitment problems, hiring a person with superior qualifications and maintaining an equitable relationship between existing employees.

Compensation / Overload - Request for Instructional Compensation

Obtain approval to teach a course on overload. Most often used by 12-month A contract Faculty but may also be used by Classified staff. Current supervisor approval is required. Dean approval in the teaching department will occur when the approval is attached to a Period Activity Pay in Workday.

Continuity Access

Request access to Continuity 2000.

COVID Supply Requests


DAR Mail and/or Email Request

DAR Online Marketplace Request

DAR Project Request

DAR Report Request


Finance Computer Loan Request

Request for interest free loans of up to $2,000 for the purchase of personal computer systems, subject to the availability of funds, are available to faculty and classified employees who have worked in a permanent position for the university for one year, and have an FTE of at least half-time.


Hardware/Software Issues


Identity Portal Access

Request access to Identity Portal.

Incoming Freshman Change of Major Request

This form is for incoming freshman for an upcoming term. This form is NOT for current students in attendance that are wishing to change a previously declared major.


Letter of Appointment (LOA) Exceptions

Submit requests for exception to degree requirements, Letter of Appointment with PEBP benefits (50% to 80% FTE) over 24 months, and proposed salary above Q2 on the applicable salary schedule.


Navigate (SSC) Access

Request access to Navigate (SSC).

New Activity Request

Use this form to request that a new Activity worktag be created in Workday.

New Cost Center or Unit Request

Use this form to request a new Cost Center or Unit in Workday. Once approved by the Controller's Office, a request will be initiated with NSHE for creation in Workday. Please allow 7-10 business days for creation of the new worktag.

New Merchant Account Request

New Program, Project or Gift Request

Use this form to request a new Program, Project or Gift (Foundation only) in Workday.  Once approved by the Controller's Office, a request will be initiated with NSHE for creation in Workday. Please allow 7-10 business days for creation of the new account.

New Supervisory Organization Request

Use this form to request a new Supervisory Organization

NSHE Payroll Service On Demand Payment Request

This service is used by all institutions to request on demand payments.

NSHE Payroll Service Request

Submit a new service to create an NSHE Payroll Services Help Ticket. After you submit your information, you will be notified that your Request was created Successfully!

NSHE Payroll Services Received FAX Notification

Form that is used for verification requests. SFAX automatically invokes this service via the email client


OISS Terra Dotta Access

Request access to OISS Terra Dotta.

OneLookup Application and Reports Access

Request access to OneLookup Application and Reports.

Operations Work Order

Oracle Access

Request access to Oracle.


PeopleSoft Access

Request access to PeopleSoft.

Power BI Access

Request access to Power BI.

Project Requests

Public Printing Supplies

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form Completion Request

Request to have UNR Human Resources complete Section 3 and 4 of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness form.


Remove a TDX Technician

Used to process requests to remove a user from the ES ticketing groups

Request to remove: Major, Minor or Certificate

Students who wish to remove a major, minor or certificate program should use this form.


Search Request

Slate Access

Request access to Slate.

Solicitud de asistencia en español / Request for Spanish Speaking Assistance

Si necesita un representante que hable español, favor de llenar este formulario con su correo electrónico, número telefónico y su(s) pregunta(s) y nos pondremos en contacto con usted.

If you are in need of a Spanish speaking representative, please fill out this form with your email, phone number, and question and we will be in touch.

Submit Proposal

Submit Your OIT Project Proposal

Do you need assistance for your IT project from the Office of Information Technology with your project? Submit your project request here.

This page is not for HELP DESK issues. If you need help with Information Technology issues, please go to UNR OIT Services and Support or contact 775- 682-5000.


Training Request

Transact Campus (Blackboard) Access

Request access to Transact Campus.


WolfCard ID Access

Request access to WolfCard ID.

WolfDocs (OnBase) Access

Request access to WolfDocs (OnBase).

Workday Finance Security Request

Use this form to request a change in Finance security, request new Finance security or to remove Finance security. Upon submission, this request routes to the requestor's supervisor for approval, then to the Fiscal Officer for approval.

Workday General Submission Form

The general submission form for Workday requests. This may include issues, information not found in the Knowledge Base, and one-on-one assistance.

Workday Report Request

Use this form to request a new Workday report or change an existing report

Workday Training Request

Use this service to request Workday training for staff

Worktag Change Request

Use this form to request a change to an existing detail worktag in Workday.  This includes in-activations and worktag name changes. 

This form is not to be used to change security.   To request a change to the Worktag Manager or Owner please use the Workday Finance Security Request form.  

This request cannot be used to make changes to Gift or Grant worktags.  To request a change to a Gift worktag, contact the Foundation. To request a change to a Grant worktag, contact Office of Sponsored Projects.