University Computers and Mobile Device Support

Technical support for computers, devices, and operating systems.

Services (9)

Report an Office Computer Issue

Report a technical issue with your University-owned office computer, operating system, and/or peripherals.

COVID - Return Office PC to Campus

Begin the process of returning your office PC to campus.

New Computer Setup

Request the setup of a new computer.

Disconnect and/or Reconnect a Computer

Request assistance disconnecting or reconnecting computers in coordination with a scheduled computer move.

Rejoin Computer to Domain

Rejoin your on-campus University-owned computer to the UNR domain.

Enroll Mac or iOS Device in Jamf

Enroll a University-owned Mac or iOS device in Jamf for enterprise-level management of macOS releases, Apple App Store apps, security tools, software deployment, and more.

Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Upgrade your PC operating system to Windows 10.

Windows 7 Extended Support Application

Use this form to apply for Windows 7 Extended Support.

Other Office Computer or Mobile Device Request

Request other office computer or mobile device service.